Seminar 8: How to make more practical use of complexity-aware evaluation methods

v/ Thomas Aston

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Increasing recognition of complexity and “wicked” problems creates new demands for us as evaluators. In various intervention contexts, experimental and quasi-experimental methods which seek control are neither feasible nor desirable, and this prompts the search for rigorous alternatives. Yet, evaluation’s skeptical turn also demands a more pragmatic approach to maximize scarce resources in organizations. 

This 3-hour professional development workshop aims to equip participants with a series of shortcuts to support those wrestling with complexity-aware evaluation methods to make more effective use of them in practice. In practice, the session will include: 

  • An anchoring exercise on choosing evaluative judgement criteria 
  • Support on how to identify parts of methods that help engage with complexity 
  • An exercise on how to use rubrics to assess case-based evidence.